About Us

Utherm specializes in fluid heater design and manufacturing. We are a privately owned Canadian company formed from its parent company, Combustion Solutions Inc., with the mission to create the safest, most efficient process heaters on the planet.

Quality Policy

Our company is committed to maximizing customer satisfaction by ensuring that our products and systems meet client specifications, regulatory requirements, and Utherm’s own internal quality standards. Our commitment is to maintain effective and consistent implementation across all levels of operation to result in continuous satisfaction of customer needs.

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Employee Ethics and Leadership

Utherm is thoroughly committed to providing employees with effective ways to create a work culture that promotes ethics, education and a high degree of professionalism. Our values reflect our commitment to excellence in both the workplace and the marketplace. We seek to create an environment of honesty and fairness.

Health and Safety

Health, Safety, and Environment

Utherm is dedicated to the health and safety of present and future generations. We strive to provide safe and environmentally friendly products, but also to ensure that all employees are provided with the resources to work in a safe and sustainable environment. Our operations are conducted in a manner to minimize environmental impact and continuously improve the environmental performance of our company as a whole. We share a responsibility to the global community of creating more and consuming less.

Who We Are

Utherm is an ASME-certified boiler manufacturer and a multi-functional engineering and fabrication company based in Squamish, BC, Canada. We specialize in Burner Management Systems, boiler tuning and control system design. We also offer engineering and fabrication services including structural steel, pressure piping, pressure vessel fabrication, and pre-fabricated skid/building packages. 

Our Facility

All of Utherm’s heaters are built in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Squamish, BC, Canada. Every Utherm project starts in our facility as raw steel and all operations are conducted in-house to ensure the highest product quality and manufacturing efficiencies. Built from the ground up by our skilled Utherm team, our facility is designed to create the best direct and indirect heaters possible. Our innovative manufacturing operations and stringent quality control allow us to offer heaters of exceptional quality.

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