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Industrial Heating Solutions

Direct and indirect fired heaters are designed for outdoor or indoor use. These heaters can be mounted side by side for modular installation and operation. Our heaters are less than one third the size and mass of traditional fire tube bath style designs—but don’t let their size fool you! Our standard heaters range in size from 250,000 Btu/hr up to 5,000,000 Btu/hr to fulfill the needs of larger heating applications. Need even more heat? We engineer and manufacture custom heaters and boilers for duties requiring up to 60,000,000 Btu/hr.

Utherm Heaters Provide:

  • The lowest total cost of ownership of any heating system
  • Advanced combustion for low emissions
  • Field-proven design for safety and reliability
  • utherm target iconSuperior Value
  • Well engineered and well manufactured direct and indirect fired heaters that provide the lowest cost of ownership on the market.

  • utherm target iconGroundbreaking Performance
  • High efficiency and ultra-low emissions using our innovative firecage exchanger.

  • utherm target iconExceptional Quality
  • All heaters are designed and manufactured by Utherm according to the latest manufacturing and quality assurance processes.

  • utherm target iconBrilliant Design
  • Modular, lightweight, fully self-contained, and easy to operate and maintain, with a small footprint.

  • utherm target iconField-Proven
  • Safety, reliability, and robust performance enable our heaters to operate in temperatures from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees Celsius.

Latest Projects

Utherm Regeneration Heater

Regeneration Gas Heater

Utherm designed and manufactured a custom Regeneration Gas Heater for a gas plant. The heater was supplied with a combustion air preheater for to maximize efficiency and minimize fuel consumption.

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Hot Oil Heater

Utherm designed and manufactured an 8.5mmBtu/hr thermal fluid heating package. The design goal was to provide a robust and highly efficient package while minimizing footprint and installation time. The heater was supplied with pumping package, burner building, and expansion tank.

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Indirect fired heater

Indirect Fired Utherm Heater

Utherm sells indirect fired Utherms for gas providers throughout North America. This heater will be used to heat natural gas indirectly at a residential letdown station. These heaters are more efficient than a bath heater and have a reduced footprint.

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