Services and Parts

Utherm provides a vast arsenal of on-site technical services including automation specialists, combustion service technicians, gas fitters, journeyman pressure welders, quality control inspectors, and combustion service assistants. Our team of highly trained professionals is available to support you with additional services and parts for your equipment to ensure that it maximizes your business’s capacity for growth and enhances the productivity of your organization and team.


Inspections and Service

In addition to offering inspections for all of our heaters and installations, our company also provides inspection services for existing or new fired equipment including:

  • Code compliance and safety audits
  • Heater inspections
  • Burner inspections

Performance Optimization

Utherm’s technical service team is able to improve efficiency or increase production from fired equipment with the following services:

  • FRNC-5 process studies for performance optimization revamps and upgrades
  • Burner replacements, upgrades, or troubleshooting
  • Efficiency improvements and emissions reduction
  • Heater, combustion, and BMS/combustion control systems training

Spare Parts and Upgrades

Utherm provides spare parts and repair services for our customers. As a company committed to providing the most advanced technology to our customers, all of our existing heaters include support for future upgrades. 

Find our maintenance schedule here.

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